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At Capestorm, we're not just making performance wear, we're fuelling your journey.

About Capestorm
Our Brand

Our Brand

Born from the ever-changing climate of Cape Town in 1996, we've stayed true to our heritage, creating authentic, high-performance apparel designed to take on any adventure.

Every stitch, every detail, every aspect of our gear is intricately designed with an uncompromising blend of comfort and functionality, offering versatile style that meets the demands of both the trail and the city.

We continuously push the boundaries of innovation so that you can perform at your best. So, whether you're undertaking a daring athletic endeavour or enjoying a casual weekend hike, with Capestorm, you're always ready to step into the extraordinary.

At Capestorm, we don't believe in bad weather, just exceptional gear. So go ahead, gear up and get out there.